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About the Marketeers

Your site deserves better rankings

Dear reader,

Marketeers team here. If you are here to be convinced why to use our services, perhaps this page is more suitable for all the doubts.

Today we want to tell you a different story. A story about the idea and the team behind it. We want you to get to know about us, about who we are and why we do what we do.

Who are the Marketeers?

Marketeers is digital marketing agency, but you already got that, right? We are a small team of four people coming from big, corporate SEO companies and it feels like we have seen it all. That’s why we took another direction. We handle everything in house.

That said, don’t expect any outsourcing or “changes of account manager” here. You will hear a founder pick up your call to discuss the strategy, and the same person is also involved in prospecting and sales. We proofread every single piece of article. We even write some of it while we are speaking. We prospect every single outreach opportunity by ourselves. God, even this copy is tackled in the cafe across the road with another team member.

We are not a big, fancy digital marketing agency that has raised thousands of $$$ to make this work and now accepts more clients just to keep the whole machinery going. We are not funded. We are not enjoying any fancy salaries, standing desks or Soylents here (seriously, what the fuck?).

Who are our clients?

Big agencies will go and accept 100 customers just to make sure the cash flow is juicier. They won’t even know your website, they will not track it because there is simply no time for that. That does not seem right or sensible at all.

We’d rather go with 10 clients that we are doing long term strategy with, following every step of it and tweaking wherever possible. Each of us keeps both eyes wide open to streamline the process and do quality work. This seems more reasonable and important than taking up more clients simply because we need more money.

We are honest and diligent, and we grow our business as we grow with our customers. We are not blunt, greedy or scared of getting our hands dirty so that you have the best white glove link building experience ever.

We are engaging and personable. We will get on a phone with you no matter where in the world we are to discuss the strategy. We will send all the necessary reports but also keep in touch in between. We will (and really) track all that’s happening with your website. We really care.

It’s the company culture thing

Being a small team as we are, really breeds a culture of staying up late and trying to figure out where and how to tweak things. Let’s be honest here, in SEO there’s a lot of whys and maybes that can kick in when you least expect it. That’s why we really really care. We care about every change on SERP, every blog post and every link we build. We know you, and you know us. That’s the kind of a company culture you’ll find around here.

Thank you for reading. If you liked what you read and do not expect monotonous, corporate, not-giving-a-flying-f attitude than we invite you to come and join us.

The Marketeers Team

Our team of experts is composed of eager, versatile people, who love tackling every new challenge and who take the success of each of our clients very personally.


Blogger communication

The person in charge of actually getting your content live is Hellen, our expert in working with bloggers and publishers. A writer herself, she understands the value of a well-written word and how it can be a win-win situation for both the blogger and our client.



Lead strategist

Ann’s been in the SEO business long enough to see different cute animals getting websites deindexed. Now, she’s learnt from experiences and tends to create strategies that will bring real long-term results to our clients.



Link prospector

There is no such thing as a lack of opportunities. At least that’s how we feel by having Stephen on our team. He manages our list building and has perfected the craft of finding quality, relevant blogs to reach out to for our clients since our very first campaign. Every campaign starts with hundreds.



Content creator

The mage behind Marketeers’ quality content is Andrew – business major that has gone rogue and became a writer. With thousands of words under his belt, he makes sure that every piece of content that comes out of our kitchen is well-crafted, supported with true facts and represents our clients’ best interests.

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